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Poetry Pleases: Spilt Milk

This dialect poem by Sandra Mills is a plea for “them’’ to stop mucking about with our milk.

For more of Sandra’s words please click on http://www.openwriting.com/cgi-bin/mt-search.cgi?IncludeBlogs=1&search=sandra+mills

Ah stood at shops in t’front o’ milk fridge
T’were nowt thar that ’adn’t bin mucked abaht with
Wit’ this ’ere milk they’ve tekken aht t’creeam
Fer them wot fancies thersen more leean
An’ that there milk ’as bin fortifahd
Fer them wot wish ter be more calsifahd
Th’one aft sez it’ll keep me in shape
Well, that’s a whoppin’ lie ora mistake
This one ’ere t’is lactose free
That one thar ’as Omega -3
Ah studied t’ole lot an’ sumhoo
Nooan leuked as if it wor fra t’coo

T’man nexta me chuntered at this sacrilege
“Strewth, there’s nothing here that’s ridgy didge!”
Allow me ter interpret an’ translayte
Fer mi frustrayted, Aussie mate
We dunt need alt fuss an’ palaver
T’is unadulterayted milk we’re after
Thars no need fer additives that are suss
Sum o’us is ‘appy wit’ t’ wey God made us
Shewerly we can’t be in t’minority
Just gie us ahr milk t’ wey it orra be.


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