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U3A Writing: The Spirit Of The Rose

Vera Sanderson wants her spirit to live on in the fragrance of a rose.

Don't bury me in a forgotten graveyard
All alone
To mould through all eternity
Beneath a gilded stone

In dank and dreary loam
Without the light of day
But let the bright and dancing flame
Envelop my poor withered frame

With all the warmth and comfort of my life
And so in death
I become a cloud of gossamer breath
Scattered on the breeze to float to earth

And find re-birth
Within a rose
To nourish it and nestle in its bed
Until the summer sun is overhead

And scented blossoms dance on every tree
Then look into its heart and you will see
All that mortality remains of what was me...

But drink deeply of its perfume
Let your mind repose
And you will find my spirit
In the fragrance of the rose


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