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Poetry Pleases: Time Remembered

Vera Sanderson tells of the shattering of one family's secutiry and bliss.

I know not this dreadful time they moan about
Abused in childhood, poverty, debt, dirt, disease, death?

For ours was an innocent abundance of a childhood
Filled with tears of laughter, love and food
Pain, yes pain in plenty
But eased by tender, stroking hands and 'kissed better'

Lavender clean sheets, coal fires in bedrooms
Glowing through restless nights
Bathrooms warmed orange by slender, one-bar fires,
Golden, translucent soap, sensuous, warm, white, towels
Waiting to receive the wasted frame that once was me
Secure, secluded under heaven
Cherished, cosseted, cocooned within the cotton wool clouds of their affection

We knew that we belonged and where
If they despaired – we knew not
Death, dirt, disease, debt were enemies fought on equal terms
A silent war, with heads held proud
Work the panacea for all ills

We knew our proper place in the order of things
Championed in our beliefs, beyond belief!
The sky held stars for us to reach and pluck
Whilst we contemplated the flowers beneath our feet
The world? - an oyster – made for us to plunder when and how we chose,
Until that fatal day....

A stupid senseless, insult to the name of all humanity
His robot-minded body strapped within a steel, six-wheeled juggernaut
Hurling thro' red lights, hell-bound to prove
That he was master of the road and all he surveyed
And he could reach his tea in half the time it took to make the journey
Shattered in a second the dreams, the hearts , the hopes of future years
For us and all our generations, yet unborn
They said “He killed the man”
He killed the family

The light went out
And we were left in darkness


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