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Poetry Pleases: To Winifred

John Ayling wrote this poem for his wife Winifred for her 93rd birthday.

If I could paint a portrait true to life
To show the love I feel for you dear wife,
Reveal the beauty I so much admire
That even now still sets my heart on fire
Though I so aged now, and every year
More feeble grow, though still to you most dear,
I'd need a palette filled with every hue
That Nature uses, when with vision true,
She paints the skies at sunset and at dawn
With skill outreaching anything yet born.

So would I paint you, had I but the art,
Which lacking, I can only show my heart
That every passing day more loving grows
As gratitude and admiration flows:
And so, dear love, on this your natal day,
I wish you every joy that words can say,
And happiness to fill each passing hour
With fragrance, like the fragrance of a flower
Long, Long remembered for the joy it brought,
The happiness that came that day unsought.


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