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Around The Sun: Willie The Incredible Hulk

Steve Harrison tells how Willie the Hulk avoided a ride to nowhere.

To read earlier chapters of Steve's astonishing life story please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/around_the_sun/

Willie worked out, and when I say worked out I mean he worked out a lot. To bump into him was to hit a rock wall. His biceps were bigger than my thighs.

He would come into the bar, sit quietly, drink slowly and sit watching the scene. He wasn’t tall, but he was built. He was like the incredible hulk.

He was from America, and he was a quiet man. He usually sat by himself, enjoying a few beers. Then it was "Goodbye, I'm off.'''

Willie had been in the Heart of Darkness nightclub on one occasion, minding his own business, watching the comings and goings. Then a notorious gang arrived, the S---- boys. Everyone but Willie knew who they were.

The trouble began when the S---- boys demanded that Willie should move from what they called their table. These boys were tall and healthy, each one of them with a mean streak. Willie did not know this. Willie told them he wasn't going to budge.

The S---- boys decided to forcefully move Willie. He put up quite a resistence, eventually ceasing when extra members of the S---- team arrived and hand guns were produced.

They managed to drag Willie outside and tried to get him into their Hummer four-wheel drive. Urban legend had it that those dragged into that vehicle were never seen again. Not in Phnom Penh. Not anywhere.

Willie must have figured out that it was more or less OK to give up a table to violent men in guns. But it was not OK to be forced into a vehicle.And somehow he managed to avoid a ride to nowhere.

He continued to lead a quiet life, drinking in the Temple bar, not being a problem to anyone.

Good on you Willie! A good guy.

Remind me sometime to start working out with weights.


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