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U3A Writing: After That She Felt Much Better

Graham Austin's prompt for a short story at a University of the Third Age writing workshop in Muizenberg, Cape Town, was "After that she felt much better."

After that Betty felt much better.

Then she had second thoughts, worries. She peered out of the second story
window into the street below. Nobody directly beneath her, but a man across
the road peered at her curiously. A milk van came down the scruffy street,
and navigated a curve around broken glass.

Betty realised she was in her nightdress. The man across the road continued
to gaze at her. She quickly grabbed a dressing gown and pulled it around

"Do you often do that?" said the man.

"Do what?" said Betty, but her voice was drowned out. A large lorry
lumbered down the street between them, and interrupted their conversation.

It slowed down and moved across the road to avoid the wreckage. Betty
thought of retreating from the window, but the man spoke again.

"I said, do you often do that?"

"Do what?"

"Throw your TV out of the window."

"No, but I didn't like the programme."


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