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Got The T-Shirt: Denied

Steph Spiers' poem pinpoints the emotional turbulence of being in love.

To read more of Steph’s brilliant poems pleasse click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/got_the_tshirt/

Ever loved too much?
A dream,
a fantastic need
for touch.

suffocating in need for affection.
Yet knowing the chosen one,
the object of desire,
would be appalled
by such revelation.
Contempt showing in
their blank stare
of incomprehension.
Unworthy, undeserving,
worthless. Contemptible.

Still unable to desist:
cloying eroticism of the imagination,
living and breathing
a miasma of adolescent worship.
Drowning in a must-have
need for attention.
Defective reasoning.
Walking on bubbles.
Not recognising
the dangerous nightmare
of an unrequited

Self-hatred for weakness!
Daily falling deeper into
self-effacing madness.
Self-loathing for so wanting
a touch, a warmth, a comfort
in this life of hard-edged reality.
If only illusory desire could be erased:
the day-dream shattered
by the hours of night
so on waking
the reverie’d be lost
A tortured soul set free.


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