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Poetry Pleases: Flame Lily

Masimba Biriwasha's words express a longing to understand the essence of the beautiful flame lily - God's flower.

So alone with the alone,
lost in the woods,
and out of its sinews a beauty untold to share
with any of the world that care.

A beauty that shimmers even in the dark.
It can only be the finger of God.
Flame Lily, in your beauty, I delight.

Awaken my heart to essence,
and teach me a thing or two
about growing in hard places.

With your glow,
you're the sweetest flower
I will ever know.

Not sun, wind or rain
or mankind's narrow-mindedness
can stain you divine beauty.

O, Flame Lily, you can only be God's flower.
Show me what makes your veins stand
so proud, tall, unashamed
even under a black sun.


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