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North American Dreaming: Golden Gates

William Burkholder longs to be of clear mind, immune to the insistent calls of earthly pleasures.

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Heaven hath eluded me thus far, for I have not yet reached the confines of its golden gates.
Mine is the slow path to righteousness, weak minded, I flounder in a sea of free will, drinking from the tainted cup of earthly pleasure.

1 have not yet learned, even though I know. A blue humanoid monkey, knuckles dragging, fanning a wind of despotism, who am I in the greater scheme of things?

One who is hell bent for pleasure, one who calls on flesh, one who knows but has not yet learned.

With ears open but not hearing the calls of saintly treasures. O, to be of clear mind and spirit, that I can walk in the shadow of the robes of life.

However, 1 am not worthy, not yet learned in the grace, the promise, and the gift of everlasting life.

I pray that one day, I will know, that I will learn and be blessed, graced to be free and forgiven. And admitted through those golden gates.


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