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North American Dreaming: Peace, I Hope

William Burkholder’s poem is an urgent plea for faith in peace.

Do please visit Bill’s Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

Screaming discords,
the soapboxes built high into the night winds.

The collectors of societal serenades, the healers of the world's maladies, gathering.
Discourse, engagement, where will it lead?
Peace I hope, Peace.

Ideas a plenty in the fields, the towns, the rows, in the halls, the bars, the shops, the stores. Fanning winds of change,
Change from war, pestilence,
to peace I hope, peace.

From the barb wired babies in Darfur,
From the Baghdad, Aphgani, and American Mothers screaming,
from the children, unable to read, eat, meet, work, live, love, enjoy high tech
twenty first century respites.
I hope all, yes all find peace.

Greeting it as a young child greets their father, with joy and adoration, with awe
inspired love and devotion, loyalty.

Yes, Peace needs loyalty,
we must have faith in it,
we must tarry to achieve it,

Peace is a gift,
it is earned and given at the sacrifice of many,
all too often; the innocent are the first to donate.
With blood, tears, loss, poverty, sickness.

Aye, peace, I hope peace,
Will rise in all skies,
Will shine through the foreign windows of thine enemies,
That grace will shine on us all and deliver,
Peace, I hope, Peace.


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