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Around The Sun: The DJ With The Wrong Moves

Steve Harrison tells of a DJ who managed to turn his life around.

B was originally from Belgium. He preferred to be called Black. Easy to remember he said. He was an amazing DJ, always playing great tunes and totally passionate about music. I liked him. I have always enjoyed people who are passionate about whatever they do.

I hired Black after listening to him play one session. Our agreement was that he would play as many nights as he chose for himself and for as long as he wanted.

Black played every night and always stayed till the early hours. He loved his job. He was great and we all liked him, even though he was difficult to understand.

He had a girlfriend who seemed to take a strong liking to me. She was always stroking my arm, patting my bottom, trying to kiss my neck, generally flirting and teasing with me. I found it all a bit disconcerting, though Black seemed totally comfortable with it. She and his girlfriend shared a room on the fifth floor of the hotel. Soon she announced that she was pregnant. She was not a pretty girl, and as time progressed she got larger and larger.

To our surprise, with the baby due in four months, Black announced that he had to go home to Belgium. He asked to borrow some money. We helped him by giving him an advance on his salary. Off he went, saying he would be back in six weeks, and in the meantime could we take care of his girlfriend.

Six weeks turned into twelve, and there was no sign of Black. The girlfriend went to live with her parents in an impoverished village.

I thought Black had gotten cold feet and bolted. Eventually we found out that he was in jail in Thailand. The stupid fellow had tried to smuggle drugs back to Belgium via Bangkok. We tried to get word to him, but he was in the maximum security Bangkok Hilton. We realised it would be a long time before we sawhim again.

Surprisingly Black's story has a happy ending. He turned up less than a year later, complete with girlfriend and eight-month-old baby. He looked healthy, well-dressed and prosperous.

Apparently his mother had sold the family home in Belgium, financed his freedom (he said over US$50,000) with the Thai police. Then he had worked a few months in Europe, got his teeth fixed and managed to return to good health.
Now thanks to his mother he had mananged to get back to Cambodia and be re-united with his lady and new baby. The mother was coming out to Cambodia.


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