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Western Oz Words: The Perfect Lover

Mark is the ideal lover. But is he...? Could he be...? He seems too good to be true.

Margaret Dunn tells a perfect tale.

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Karen has a new boyfriend, met him at a disco. Mark is of medium build, with dark hair and brown eyes, strong regular features. He is well educated - a linguist, producing art programs and historical tracts in many languages, and he loves to dance.

Karen enjoys her work as an art historian at the local museum and is delighted they can share their interests. They start dating seriously, enjoying an exciting physical relationship, no problems. Occasionally, when speaking, Mark slips into a different Language – German or French, which Karen finds confusing; but he laughs it off and says he just can’t keep his mind off work.

One night after they have enjoyed a wonderful meal at a local hotel, then danced until after midnight, they retreat to Karen’s house. Drifting to the bedroom, they come together in the sweet and tender joy of making love. Soft music playing – tired and relaxed, the young Adonis falls asleep.

As Karen gazes at his perfect body, the rise and fall of his breathing as she strokes him gently, she notices a small tattoo under his left armpit. Not a picture - it might be lettering… though very tiny. Curious, she slips out of bed and fetches the small, powerful magnifying glass she uses at work for studying old prints.

Leaning close, she studies the tattoo. In small fine print are the words :

Made in China

Use by date 20 August 2080

Karen sits back in astonishment. Is this the latest fun thing with young men?

Then she considers this perfect specimen again. He never seems to feel discontented, ill or angry – always logical and even tempered, generous, caring, agreeable. In fact she has sometimes thought he was just too good to be true.

She takes another close look at the small inscription. Then she notices her nightdress lying loosely at the edge of the bed, the familiar small label at the back of the neck: small print on the label.

00% nylon:Cold machine wash:

Made in China

Her friends often make jokes about everything in their lives being ‘Made in China’, and enjoy being able to buy such a wealth of goods at low prices.

‘Everything from a teaspoon to a ten ton truck,’ as one of her friends at the Museum would joke.

Karen gazes at the perfect face resting on the pillow...


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