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North American Dreaming: Whippoorwill

William Burkholder pauses to allow the ephemeral song of the whippoorwill into his soul.

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And the whippoorwill sang
her come hither song,
as 1 came to rest under elm.
my feathered friend,
serenity's blessing,

Her downy wing my pillow,
her trill my serenade,
her breath the spring wind blowing,
my sister in grassy glade.

A song ephemeral, soulful,
fresh as the sun-risen dew,
I am just a lone walker,
one of just a few,

O, sister my sister,
thanks for your wing,
This whippoorwill a calling,
Please listen... and let her in.

A moment lost to history,
a lasting memory calling,
calling as the whippoorwill sings.


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