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Laugh With Lisa: Wrinkled Anniversary

So what should a man b uy for his wife on their 50th wedding anniversary?

Lisa DeMarco brightens the day with another chuckle.

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A man is celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary, and he wants to go all out. So he goes to a very expensive ladies boutique to find his wife something very special, very expensive - sexy lingerie.

He goes up to the young assistant and asks if she can help him. He tells her that he wants to buy the most expensive, most sheer garment they have. She shows him several, but none are to his liking.

Finally she suggests something that had just come in. She tells him it is priced at $500. It is very sheer and very eloquent.

He asks to see it. She goes off, then returns with what appears to be a hanger with two very thin spaghetti straps dangling off it.

He says, "I'll take it."

The attendant gladly wraps the garment in a beautiful gift box filled with colorful tissue paper and tops it with a lovely bow.

When the man returns home, he calls to his wife, bragging about how she is going to love what he just got her and how it cost $500. He hands his wife the box and tells her to go up stairs and try it on. "Then come down and model it for me," he adds with a smirk.

The wife goes upstairs to the bedroom and rips open the wrapping. Then the box. She digs around in the tissue paper for a while. All the while wondering, what could be in this box that cost $500. Just then, she finds this piece of material her 70-plus-year-old husband has just wasted $500 on. She thinks to herself, I'm going to return this gift and spend the money on things I want. I'll just dim the lights and he'll think I have it on That old coot. He's blind as a bat anyway.

So, she fluffs her hair, puts on some perfume and dims the lights. Then she meanders down the staircase. "How does it look?" she asks.

His response, "I can.t believe I paid 500 bucks for that and they didn't even iron it."


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