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Open Features: A D-I-Y Marriage - Part 5

Muriel cannot make up her mind about Cyril Snaps.

The next episode of Brian Lockett's story in installments will appear tomorrow.

It was not until she was on the bus on the way home that Muriel relaxed and considered what she had found out about Cyril Snaps.

She had discovered a great deal about the firm he worked for, its founding in the 1920s, the important people who had worked there, the distinguished Board of Directors (Sir This and Lord That), its high standing in the world of commerce and finance.

But she had learnt precious little about Cyril himself.

When he paused for breath at one point she asked quietly

“What are you really looking for, Cyril?”

He appeared genuinely puzzled.

“I am looking for a wife,” he said. “Just as you are looking for a husband.”

“Are you sure you don’t just want a live-in housekeeper or a lover?”

“No, no, it’s got to be a wife.”

“You seem to have managed very successfully without one so far. Why now? What’s the rush?”

But he ignored the question.

“Come and see my house,” he said, leaning forward. “Bring a friend, if you want.”

“Why should I want to bring a friend? You’re not trying to sell it, are you?”

“Good Lord, no. It has taken me many years to get it exactly how I want it. What I meant was, well, you know, you can’t be too careful these days. The papers are full of stories of women being lured, you know, by unscrupulous men to places they can’t get away from.”

“You don’t strike me as an unscrupulous man, Cyril. Not unscrupulous in the sense you imply, that is. But I have to be on my way now. We shall both need a couple of days to see if we want to take this further. Can I leave the initiative with you? Don’t ring if you don’t want to. No hard feelings. And thank you for the meal.”

And she had risen from the table, tapped a bewildered looking Cyril on the shoulder and left the restaurant.

By the time she slipped between the sheets that night, she still hadn’t made up her mind about Cyril Snaps.


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