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Open Features: A D-I-Y Marriage - Part 6

Cyril Snaps surprises his colleagues with mention of a fiancée.

Brian Lockett's serialised story of an unsual courtship will be continued tomorrow.

As the annual review meeting was breaking up, Stenson raised his voice above the hubbub.

“Before you go, gentlemen, may I remind you that the Christmas Dinner this year is on the 14 December. Same place, same time. Hope you can all make it. Drive carefully.”

Cyril sidled over and sat by his chairman as the room emptied.

“Arthur, I wonder …, ” he hesitated.

Stenson looked over the top of his glasses. Cyril Snaps was not a man given to hesitation.


“The Christmas Dinner.”


“I don’t suppose there would be any objection to my bringing my fiancée?”

Stenson’s eyebrows shot up and he removed his glasses.

“Cyril, are you telling me you’re engaged to be married?”

Cyril was suddenly apologetic.

“Of course, I know that by tradition the event is limited to board and senior staff members and their wives…. ,” he began, but Stenson had already seized his hand in a firm grasp.

“Congratulations, dear boy. This is wonderful news. I really had no idea. What’s her name? Where d’you find her? My, you are a dark horse, aren’t you? Have you decided on the happy day yet?”

“Well,” said Cyril, extricating his hand, “I’d rather you kept this under your hat for the time being, Arthur. You know me, I’m not one for a fuss. I just thought I’d clear it with you, you know, protocol, tradition and all that.”

“Sod protocol,” said Stenson, standing back and surveying his chief accountant as if for the first time. “Yes, you must certainly bring her along. She can be assured of a very warm welcome indeed.”

“Thank you, Arthur. I think I’ll make my way home now. Lots to be done. Phone calls and so on.”

Stenson slumped back in his chair as the door closed. Life was full of surprises, wasn’t it? He could have sworn that Cyril Snaps was destined to remain a bachelor to his dying day. How wrong can you get?


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