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Open Features: A D-I-Y Marriage - Part 7

Cyril invites Muriel to Sunday lunch.

A further installment of Brian Lockett's story about an unusual courtship will appear tomorrow.

“Hello, Muriel. I hope you don’t mind me ringing you at this late hour. This is Cyril Snaps. You may remember we met … “

“Cyril, my memory is not that bad. I recognised your voice immediately and I certainly remember our lunch together since it was only two days ago.”

“Oh, good. Well, I’m just ringing like we agreed. Would Sunday be convenient? I could send a car for you if you want.”

Muriel sipped her wine and glanced at the wall clock. 10.30. When she had mentioned ‘a couple of days’ she had been thinking of a week or more. After all, Cyril probably had a number of other ‘candidates’ to interview. But less than 36 hours … She must have made quite an impression.

“I assume, Cyril, you are inviting me to visit you at home?”

Of course. That’s what we agreed, wasn’t it? Could you come to lunch on Sunday? It’s roast lamb and two veg. That’s what I have on Sunday.”

“Every Sunday?”

“Yes. If you’re a vegetarian you don’t have to have the lamb.”

“And dessert?”

“Rhubarb crumble.”

“I thought it might be something like that.” She thought quickly. “OK, let me have the address. Is 12.30 OK? Do you want me to dress up?”

“12.30 is fine. Do you usually dress up on Sunday?”

“No, just my little joke. Don’t send a car. Just give me the address.”

Muriel smiled as she hung up and finished her wine. She could, of course, turn up dressed as a theatre nurse. Somehow, she thought, Cyril was not one of those men who have a thing about uniforms.


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