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Open Features: Dreams

Marjorie Upson is haunted by peculiar dreams.

Do look for Marjorie's wonderful photographs in the Open Writing Gallery.

A.P. Herbert once wrote a poem called 'The Doctor'. This doctor did weird things, and prescribed peculiar medication, eventually the patient awoke to find he had been dreaming..... I know how he felt.

Recently I awoke at 1.42 am and heaved a sigh of relief. For what seemed to me to be hours and hours, I had been chasing along a railway track, to one end of it, then back to the other, from one man to another...

Now that is odd! I was never pursued by two men at the one time. For that matter I was rarely pursued by even one man.

What relief to find at 1.42 am that I was in my single bed.

Later that day I had two phone calls, one from a man I did not know and one from a man I did know. The first caller asked me to speak at his Probus club. The second asked if I would like a spot on the programme of the forthcoming U3A photography class. I said yes to both men.

Last night I dreamed again. I told the Probus man I would do the talk he required on the following day. I dreamed I was speaking at a men's Probus club, and everything was going wrong. After the opening preliminaries the men decided they would all go out to a nearby pub for a drink. When they failed to reappear I went to join them to give my talk in the pub, only to find that material intended to illustrate my talk had disappeared.

I ended up rushing away from the Probus meeting to rush on to another meeting which i was due to attend.

All this was so vivid and real when I woke up at 4 am.

Soon I will give the Probus talk. And the U3A photography class is on the following day.

So what will I dream tonight?


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