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Poetry Pleases: God Of The Everywhere

"Where love abides there is no place for fear...''

John Ayling is comforted by the enduring presence of God.

God of my being in both source and ground
And everywhere I seek Him, He is found
In highest heaven or down in deepest hell
He will be with me, who in me doth dwell.
Wherever I may wander, there He'll be,
In bluebell wood, or underneath a tree!
One with the congregation in the church;
Or singing with the blackbird on its perch.
The scent of fragrant flowers on the air
Reveals that in all beauty God is there.
I sometimes in the silence hear the voice,
And then in adoration I rejoice.
Where love abides there is no place for fear,
And love o'erflows my heart when God I hear.


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