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Poetry Pleases: Mango Rain

Anne Veronica Steward wrote this vividly pictorial poem to celebrate the arrival of the mango rain in Cambodia, a harbinger of a blessing to come.

It is the dry season in Cambodia.

The heat builds steadily until even the locals are drooping and disappearing into the shade.

Then suddenly the mango rain falls. The story is that it is sent to set the blossoms on the mango trees. Everyone concurs that mango is the Queen of fruit.

Banana being the King.

Mangoes are eaten green as a vegetable but when the fruit is ripe, then it is mouth-drippingly wonderful, and the trees are everywhere. Everyone shares.

The mango rain is a harbinger of the blessing to come. Refreshingly sweet and very welcome

dusty heat overpowers.
We hide in shadows,
cower from the sun.

People, dogs, cats,
prostrate and sleep.
Life suspended.
Lives on hold.

Leaves lift.
Palms rattle.
Skies reach down.
Coloured wet.

Hectic water
clatters earthwards.
Prayers answered.

Bouncing, splashing,
drumming fast beat.
Ridged iron roofs
joyfully jamming.

Road made river,
playground, pool.
Children leaping,
Splashing cool.

Discrete rain,
Discretely stops.
Drains away.
Drunk dry.


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