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Poetry Pleases: This Is The Day

John Ayling's poem says we should fill each day with joyful work and loving play.

You may remember yesterday,
But if you do, it is today.
Tomorrow has not come to birth
And yesterday has gone for aye.

This is the mystery of time;
We live only in the present,
Remembering a past that's gone,
A future without an extent.

Should tomorrow come, as it may,
Tomorrow then will be today:
There is no past or future, so
We should both live and love today.

We may not get another chance
To utter all that we would say
Nor do those loving things we plan,
Unless we do them all today.

We have no time but the present
In which to live, and love and play,
So let us cast away restraint
And make the most of this, our day.

And this, I truly must believe,
Is our God's will for us always.
That we fulfil, each passing hour
With joyful work and loving play.


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