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The Day Before Yesterday: 93 - A Seaside Holiday

...Aunty had done a big bake in readiness of our arrival and this we would eat at picnics on the beach, just a stone's throw from their house...

Gladys Schofield recalls an early family seaside holiday. To read earlier chapters of Gladys's story please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/the_day_before_yesterday/

Monday was Market Day in the town. Although I had about three miles to walk, I went at every opportunity. The big pram was easy to push and useful for parcels. David could sit at the bottom of it when he got tired. There was three and a half years between these last two children, so David would be almost four.

The jolly bartering at the market still went on. I used to get many bargains but i think it was more the company of the many friendly people I went there for.

I took the Woman's Realm magazine weekly. It was full of patterns for knitting or embroidery. You could send for things to embroider. A linen tablecloth took my eye one week, so I sent for it. Sprays of flowers were all around it. I worked on it every night. It was finished before we took my Aunty Miriam's kind offer of a holiday at her home in August 1951.

I had been making summer shorts for the boys with remnants from the market. Alan was almost eleven now and Rodney eight, with David four. We had a wonderful week spent mainly on the beach. Aunty had done a big bake in readiness of our arrival and this we would eat at picnics on the beach, just a stone's throw from their house. Dick had a large garden and the summer vegetables were ready. David got a nasty bump on his head as he walked into a lamp post, not looking where he was going one day.

Aunty would not take anything for our keep, so I presented her with my newly embroidered tablecloth. She was very proud of her present and I know she kept it many years.

The examination the children had to sit in England at the time my children were young, was called the Eleven Plus. a silly name. Children were boosted up and filled with knowledge to pass this exam at the age of eleven or nearing their eleventh year. The exams were in Alan was not of age until September but managed to take the exams early. He passed for high school and we were very pleased. At least he would get the opportunity we never had. We got the news when we came back from our holiday. He was to start at his new school in the early days of September at the beginning of the new school year.


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