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The Day Before Yesterday: 94 - A Weekly Treat

Gladys Schofield begins to enjoy nights at the cinema - until she is pestered by a man with wandering hands.

Cliff seemed to mellow a bit when his small daughter was born and things seemed to be more in harmony. When she was about three months old he said to me "I can take care of her in the evening if you would like to go to the pictures sometime.''

I hadn't seen a film for years so began to watch out for something I would like to see. It was very cold in January when I went to my first film. My feet easily got cold. I was glad the Picture House was not far from the bus stop. I enjoyed the break. It was a pity I didn't have a friend to go with but I knew the children would be safe with their daddy caring for them.

It began to be a weekly treat. Susan was a good baby. I always bathed her just before her 10 pm feed as she then slept better in the night. I spent more time with the boys in the early evening as homework had to be supervised. Cliff always liked to see neat writing and would tell them "Keep to the lines,'' This became a password in later years and even the grandchildren are told "Keep to the lines.''

Bedtime was always a busy time. The children went to bed at different times. David would be falling asleep as soon as he had eaten his tea. He seemed to need a lot of sleep.

When I returned from the cinema one evening my small daughter was already in her bath. Her face lit up with a grin. Her legs were amking waves in the bath water.

"Isn't she lovely," Cliff said, holding her small body in the crook of his arm. I was pleased when I saw the pride in his face and knew the storms had abated for a while.

My next trip to the pictures was cut short. I sat in a seat next but one to the aisle, the end seat being occupied by a man who didn't seem to be able to keep his hands to himself. I got out of that situation quickly and didn't feel like going for a while after that. A woman alone seemed to be fair game for a certain type of man.


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