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U3A Writing: First Love

Merle Parkin's poem suggests that you never forget your first love.

She blushes when he deigns to smile,
And yearns to feel their arms entwine;
The sweetest pain she's ever known
In sixteen years.
Like summer wine,
It blurs her thoughts, enwraps her soul,
Outshines the sun, the stars, the moon,
And sweeps her, dreaming, through the day;
His very presence makes her swoon.

But fate's an inconvenient thing:
So soon they part, no more to meet,
And in the course of several years,
A husband sweeps her off her feet.
Her marriage is a happy one
With children, riches, life serene,
But hauntingly, from out the past,
Smiles her first love, still sweet sixteen.


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