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Fast Fiction: Hills

Richard Mallinson's tale features a couple whose relationship is going rapidly down hill.

For more of Richard's fast fiction please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/fast_fiction/

Years after they'd first seen the hills they (or he) decided to go there again. 'It'll be fun,' he said. 'Hm,' she murmured.

They seem smaller,' he said when they got there. 'I know they were fairly small, as hills go, but they're even smaller now.'

That's probably because you're taller,' she joked.

'No, if anything I'm smaller,' he said, seriously. 'Anyway let's clamber.'

He'd said 'clamber' the other time they'd been there and it had annoyed her then. It annoyed her even more now.

'Don't use that stupid word,' she said.

'Why, what's wrong with it?'

'It's coy, whimsical, bogus... need I go on?'

'No, you needn't. In fact, you can bugger off back to the car if that's the kind of mood you're going to be in.'

'Mood? Ah, listen to who's talking about moods ... the very master of moods himself. New moods by the day, the hour, the minute.'

'Look, why don't you ... I'm going up by myself. Yes, I'm going to clamber, if you don't mind, and you can please yourself what the hell you do.'

'Ha, that'll be a change, pleasing myself what I do - instead of always doing what you want me to do.'

'Oh, god . . . sometimes I wonder why I ever left Polly. She never -'

'Wait a minute. It was Polly who turfed you out, wasn't it? And I can't say I blame her, knowing what I know now.'

'Oh, god, here we go again.'

'What d'you mean, here we go again?'


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