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Western Oz Words: Thoughts Inspired By Mr W Wordsworth

Margaret Dunn's imaginative poem suggests that sinister things are going on in those shopping mall food halls.

I wandered, lonely as a Crowd that wants to buy
the Specials in their local Mall
I drift into the Hall of Plenty, where
19 brands of bread confuse consumers.

Who will eat their crusts?

And Listen Now - In distant aisles
Tins and packets all run riots
Freezers hold the pink remains of those who used to graze
Now others stand and gaze – what shall we have for tea tonight.

And I can smell the blood.

In some far place two hands are scratching in the soil
For roots - or some small life that can be cooked
The berries from some helpful tree are gathered
in a fold of cloth, to carry home where bright round eyes are watching -

“What’s for Tea Mum?”


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