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North American Dreaming: What Will The Poets Do?

What will poets write about in these sad days when men are dying in war, asks William Burkholder?

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We pen the chronicles of a new age,
of a new century.
Young in years
but with a sorted past.
Do we carry the lessons from those bygone days?
Or are we cursed to repeat them?
Spinning in vicious circles,
out of control,
at ever-increasing numbers of the death toll.
Morbid witness to carnage unleashed,
in the cities and towns of the Mideast.
Baghdad, Kabul, the list goes on,
such Hell released on all involved.
We the poets,
with pen in hand,
write of all things,
except the deaths of our fellow man,
our comrades, enemies, innocents too!
Aye, we pen the chronicles of a new age.
What will our words tell the future?
What will our poetry impart?
The answer is in the tip of your pen,
at keyboards,
fingertips tapping,
while politicians,
fashion pine boxes with lethargy's nail.
Blue suited instigators of death and high prices,
red tied, brain fried, they have lied, lied, lied!
Faithful heroes, wrapped in flags,
draped in mourning,
while politicians eating the swag,
the treasure of life from their eyes.
And what will the poets do?


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