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The Day Before Yesterday: 98 - A Pools Win

Gladys Schofield recalls the football pools win that did not coer the cost of a new bike - but a promise was kept.

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Cliff did the Littlewood Football Pools each Saturday. He had done this for years and listening each Saturday for the results of the teams he had picked, he would choose the ones he thought would draw their match. We never won a penny. Just before Rod's ninth birthday, his dad asked him if he would like to pick the draws for him. Rod did this and all his draws were right, when they checked them later that night. We were thrilled thinking of the thousands of pounds we were about to win.

Cliff had promised a much needed bike, to the clever iad but it turned out almost everyone had won that week. There were so many draws, we got eight pounds. A promise was a promise. Rod got his new bike, it cost eight pounds, eight shillings.

Rod's 'bone shaker had long since disintegrated. It was only fair to get David a Triang chain bike for his fifth birthday.

That year we made up our minds to put a little aside each week to take the children on holiday each year. We had enjoyed the two we had spent at my Aunty's. We decided to explore other holiday places and thought the following year we would try Cleethorpes. We had got word of a lady who took families into her home, in the holiday season so we lost no time in booking our holiday in as it was a popular week.

I was lucky they all took to school so easily. I had more time on my hands now with just a small daughter to care for during the day, though she was a very active toddler and wouldn't stay in one place long.

I was able to spend more time sewing and could now create Susan's tiny dresses. A smocking pattern in the same magazine I mentioned before, taught me another art and with remnants I made all her dresses at very little cost.

My sister Alma wasn't long in having a second son, with only twenty months between them. She had her hands full, especially as Trevor, the youngest, was a huge baby at six months.

How she carried him I don't know, as he had such chubby short legs at that age. Alma gave him honey water in his bottle between feeds. I can't say if that helped to make him so big.

Steven, the older child, was always busy unscrewing all the nuts and bolts on his push chair, at a very young age. It's not surprising he was a car mechanic, after he left school.

Another brother had now started a family. Ted and his wife now had a small son called Edward. They were still in Germany. Ted stayed in the Army a few years. And a small daughter was now charming her way into brother Charles' affections. Valerie was a pretty little girl and Charles thought the world of her. Her mother seemed to complain all her married life, my brother did most of the caring for their child and the work in the home for that matter. She thought she had performed a great feat producing this one child and no way would she produce another.

A very lazy person, who thought she was better than anyone else. She came into his life and left her mark. He never was a good judge of women. A few years later they moved further down the country, closer to where she had emerged from, he seemed a very unhappy brother.


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