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Poetry Pleases: Busy Line

Anne Steward was moved to write this poem after being frustrated in her attempt to subscribe to a new Broadband service.

I rang.
I listened.
I chose an option.
And waited.
And listened
to non-music,
to a recording
to tell me
how busy you are,
and listened
to non-music
and how busy you all are.
Time went on.
Life drifted past
On clouds of
And protestations
Of busy-ness.
Then a voice.
A real voice!
Hope sprang…
To be dashed.
Put on hold
While they look
At my account.
More non-music.
Losing focus fast.
A voice at last
To ask more.
Then away again
While rubbish
Trickles into my ear.
Then promises,
Great promises.
All singing,
All dancing
Option 3
Will arrive
Very soon.
Job done.
Or not.
2 weeks later,
Return event.
You are still
So busy.
While I…
Would like to be.


Dear BT.

I wrote this rant to try to diffuse the anger I felt at the total waste of my time and yours while I tried to speak to someone about my Broadband application.

I am not a skilled technician or a particularly confident IT user, so I do need help from time to time.

I was trying to give you my business, and had to endure such lengthy sessions on the phone that I almost gave up. Only the thought of starting all over again with another provider kept me trying.

It is so annoying when you are waiting for such long periods of time. Not addressing the problem. Just waiting.

I really dislike ringing you as I know how much of my life you will waste.

Surely if you had well paid professionals to take initial calls and to put customers through to relevant departments it would save you and your customers time and money. I am aware of how long my concerns took to be resolved and all I talk to have similar stories to tell. All those lines held up while horrible noises afflict your customers! What a waste!

I should not dread having to phone BT or allow a morning or afternoon to do so.

I do now have the Broadband service I asked for.

I am hoping it is trouble free in the future.

I just could not bear having to ring that number any time soon.

Phones are you! What’s the problem?

Yours hopefully,
Anne Steward.


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