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Useful And Fantastic: Innovative Daydreams

Here's a huge welcome to a new Open Writing columnist Val Yule.

Today Val gives some guidance on how to use your daydreams constructively.

Watch our for Val every Wednesday in Open Writing.

If you can't sleep, or need to something to do in boring meetings, or waiting anywhere, anytime, or up a mountain or down by the beach, Play the Wishing Game.

Or play it as a group together.

And when you need to solve a problem:

1. Think of something that needs fixing. Like being bored, or losing pens, or making public transport pay.

2. Then think of ideas to solve the problem.
You can include magic wishes.

3. Then think of what could go wrong so that it wouldn’t work. For example, you can think of something super for a playground. Why wouldn’t it work? Because vandals steal or smash it.

4. The next step of the game is how to get everyone keen on not stealing or smashing up the equipment. So you exercise your brain a bit more on that one.

5. Then you can try to do something about it.

As the poet TS Eliot has said:
‘Between the idea and the action
Falls the shadow.'

People have thousands of ideas daily - but they don’t do anything about them, or they try but give up when other people aren't interested.

All that some people can think of is to rubbish other people's ideas.

Another problem for the Wishing Game:

Question - ‘I need medical treatment that will involve standing still with my eyes closed. How can I occupy my mind?’

An answer could be - Solve the problems of the world humanely. Use magic if you like. In fact, you will need to.



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