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U3A Writing: Jackie And Joey

Elwyn Frankel tells a magical tale about young Jackie and his pet kangaroo Joey.

Jackie and Joey were inseparable. They had been ever since Joey had been brought to Jackie's home.

At that time Joey was just a scrap of long legs and bare pink skin. Jackie's Mum had wrapped the small 'roo in an old jumper and fed him with a special formula. Now, six months later, Joey had grown a coat of soft blue-grey fur and was able to hop around the garden after Jackie.

The two had some most wonderful adventures, as Jackie was blest with an extraordinary imagination.

One morning they were playing in the backyard when something very strange occurred. There was a flash of bright white light, an odd figure appeared and beckoned the two of them to follow.

Well, Jackie, being of an adventurous nature, was only too happy to go and wherever he went, Joey would not be left behind. In a puff of smoke they were whisked up over the fence and off into the clear blue sky. As they soared along, all the buildings and cars seemed to get smaller and smaller. Jackie could see his Mum hanging out the washing.

He had a small moment of panic, as he wondered what on earth she would say if she could see him now, sailing off to goodness only knew where. Mum was pretty strict about where the two of them went and also about being on time for lunch.

After a time the two adventurers, along with their smoke trail came to land near a gently flowing stream.

Waiting for them was a smart little craft. They were beckoned on board. What a lovely morning for a cruise on the river, the fish were jumping and a slight breeze made ruffles on the water as they travelled along.

Then, just as their craft reached a bend in the river, Jackie could hear his Mum calling him.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes, Yes! There was Joey beside him.

"We'd better go and wash for lunch," he said to his friend.

"I don't think we will tell Mum where we've been, after all she'd never believe it anyway."


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