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North American Dreaming: Lullaby Of The Wild Lands

The call of Spring entices William Burkholder into the great outdoors.

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There came a time, spring,
when the rains came,
renewing my window's view.

Of petal's beauty and buzzing things,
the balmy breezes,
fondling the curtains just so.

Their shadows,
dancing across dusty tabletop,
spring frogs, peepers,

Serenading the trees,
serenading the breeze,
serenading me.

Full crescendo never ending!
O, my lullaby of the wild-lands.
The rivers, rhythmic cascades,
yelling up the bank.
Calling me to dip my toes,
and smell pine boughs,
dipping for drinks from its silver cast coins.

O, my lullaby of the wild-lands
aye the time,
spring, it has come it has come.


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