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About Our Words: Charlie Chester

The memory of David Green, who lives in Thornhill, Ontario, Candada, was prompted by an article by Stan Solomons about Charlie Chester.

Web Page: http://www.openwriting.com/archives/2004/06/i_pinched_charl.php

I think the lyric was

Down in the jungle
livin' in a tent,
better than a prefab,
no rent.

Another was:

Down in the jungle
wanna buy a dog,
sold a pair of nylons,
5 bob.

I believe that Charlie's mother was a Mrs Manser. She lived on the Wandsworth Road in Clapham in London and taught my two sisters and I to play the piano, probably in the 1940s.

My family lived in the Larkhall Estates LCC flats on Albion Avenue, a short distance away from Mrs Manser's home.


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