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U3A Writing: The Handyman

Maureen Foreman finds an answer to her problems.

The climbing rose has gone berserk.
The glory vine is spreading.
The secateurs have lost their spring.
Roses need dead-heading.

The sprinkler wants a washer.
The water pressure's down.
I think the hose has sprung a leak.
The lawn is looking brown.

I wish I had a handyman
to do the kind of things
I find are quite beyond me,
like fitting taps with springs.

The netting fence should be nailed up
to keep the chooks in safe.
I don't know how to hang a door.
Is there a course at TAFE?

I know I should be capable.
I'm really not that dense.
I just don't have the happy knack.
Or is it common sense?

I had a look in the classifieds
in Saturday's Sunraysia.
Joe is coming in, at nine, on Monday.
Hip! Hip! Hooraysia!


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