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U3A Writing: Thought

Mick Harkin reflects on the patchwork quilt that is his life.

I sit and think of days gone by,
has my life been real or just a lie?
The things I've done and those I've let pass by,
missed opportunities, I sit and think and sigh!

What have been the biggest influences on my life?
have these influences multiplied;
and caused me strife? A different state of mind a different situation,
has it had any effect on my social education?

My attitudes and values, some say have changed,
for better or for worse?
Question remains; Depends on who is making this assumption,
which way was I to go when I reached the junction?

Although my life has experienced grief and sadness,
so I have experienced much happiness and gladness.
My life experience reminds me of a patchwork quilt,
colour and texture vary greatly,
I feel no guilt!


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