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The Day Before Yesterday: 103 - Bobbin Winder

...On Sundays, we would take the children up to the plot of land where our house was slowly taking shape and sit in the grass that was going to be the back garden...

Gladys Schofield continues her life story.

Mary had another baby, a little girl called Pamela. May 1955. An easy birthday to remember. She came on the fifth day of the month.

I told my mother-in-law about us saving to get a home of our own and said she could stay until we moved. They were building a new estate at Oakes, just in from the main road, not too far from where my husband worked. They were semi-detached houses.

One of the weavers was moving into one with her husband and grown up son. Knowing Cliff was looking to buy she said, "Why don't you get the one next to us, they will be ready in the Summer".

"It would be a struggle for us to get enough money together by then.''

Oh, why did it seem something happened each time I tried to work to get a bit of money. As things were going well again, I again looked for work but everywhere was the same, they didn't need anyone.

I would set off in the morning and walk the streets of the town, along industrial areas I had never known existed, calling in every factory. At last I called at this factory I didn't even know existed. They needed a bobbin winder. Only one more lady wound for this small firm and the wages had changed since I first started at this job. Five pounds sounded like a fortune but it was full time. I didn't think twice knowing it was only for a short while and took the job.

I had to start at seven thirty again, finishing at five. No Saturday mornings now, they were classed as overtime. The other winder was about ten years my senior and we became great friends in the short time we worked together. Her name was Mary, she had come from a large family but only her and another sister were still living.

Brenda, the baby of the family, was getting married. She had found someone to love in the village where she had moved along with Mum and Dad. They both joined the same Amateur Theatrical company, acting in the same plays. Brenda was very good doing this. We went to see her once or twice, she was still very slim, just like a teenage doll. Alan was an usher at his Aunty's wedding. It was a bigger wedding than the ones in war time and we all attended the reception which was held in a hall.

Mum and Dad had their fortieth anniversary at the house they had moved to also. It was a chance for everyone to get together again and meet the relations we had not seen for many years. The house was crowded.

On Sundays, we would take the children up to the plot of land where our house was slowly taking shape and sit in the grass that was going to be the back garden. The houses stood at the top of a steep slope and our house had a view over the main road and for miles in the distance. A poultry farm was between us and the main road and just across that road we could see a very large Secondary Modern School, that had just been built. We would plan the garden as we sat. Ours was lovely and large, reaching to the farm below and a garage was taking shape next to the house. We certainly felt this was one step we had taken in the right direction.


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