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Poetry Pleases: Advent

John Ayling's poem reminds us of the meaning of this season of Advent.


In the wilderness, a voice, proclaiming
Life and liberty for all the nation:
Make an end of tears and lamentations:
Lift up your eyes, see Adonai now comes!

Let valleys be exalted, hills laid low,
To make a road that leads to Bethlehem,
And there, within a stable, set a throne
A manger for Messiah when he comes.

Let angels tune their harps to sing his praise,
And lambs be folded in the wilderness
As shepherds leave their flocks to come and gaze
Upon the baby in that manger laid.

Arrayed in swaddling bands is he enthroned,
Not in the panoply of royal grace;
No sceptre will he bear, nor wear a crown
Save one of cruel thorns upon the cross.

No palaces of armies will he own,
But as a prophet, through the kingdom roam.
See with what majesty your king will reign
Who like a slave bows down before your feet:

He seeks no honour save to serve mankind
Like God, with true humility and love.


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