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U3A Writing: Christmas Past

Ray Harman has a novel suggestion for members of the University of the Third Age who have seen many a dozen Christmases.

Christmas memories long since past
For `Third Age` members they seem to last
With tiny tots all eyes aglow
And tinkling sleigh bells in the snow
Christmas carols at the door
All sung in good voice much adored
Mums and Dads awake at dawn
Christmas day has surely spawned
Those tiny tots now heard and seen
Utter cries "He`s Been, He`s Been"
Small presents strewn upon the bed
And wrapping paper torn to shreds
The Christmas tree in corner lies
Stands sparkling there for all to sigh
The branches sway with simple toys
Tailor-made for girls and boys
No mobile phones ,nintendo games
But greatly valued all the same
Today those gifts would strain the bough
Those tiny tots are bigger now
No self-made games around the room
But T.V on and `Boom, Boom, Boom!
Third Age Members` sit and stare
And wonder if they should be there
That travel voucher looks divine
You could be sailing on the Rhine
So have good heart `Third Agers` do
And say farewell to hullabaloo
Pack your bags and` Have a `Ball`
Merry Christmas to one and all!


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