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North American Dreaming: Finding Control

William Burkholder writes of avoiding frustration and gaining control of one's life.

O, that the hands of time, racing past, should crash,
bowling me over.

That I languish in self-wrought lamentations of my lost youth.
How foolish am I, how blind am I, how shallow am I, how ignorant am I?
I speak and write of chained self-perpetration.
I speak and write of self-inflicted pains in life.
Eyes blinded to the truth,
the way,
of things,
my voice seems much louder at times,
Verbalizing the negative,
rather than what is true,
frustration has a loud booming voice,
the lack of control over perceived condition,
its contributor.

Its patron,
its curse and malady! Aye, frustration! What must I do to gain control over this thing?
Settling my mind to the truth, warming my hands, my soul, at enlightenment's torch, flames, burning brightly, casting shadows warm glow,

Caressing my heart, my mind, my eye's, my soul,
The Summit means nothing,
if it were not for the climb.
to higher paths travelled,
To this sojourns calling,
of life's truth.


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