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North American Dreaming: Freedom Found

A failed love affair can bring a sense of freedom, says William Burkholder's poem.

Love lost
is freedom found.
Finding our footing,
standing firm on the ground.
To stay yes, I would have,
but to last?
Aye there's the rub;
wasted effort.
reciprocation being out of the question
on her part.
Much more interested in her booze than me.
Such a waste this love of mine,
frittered away on one who could not care less;
save for what she could get in the short term.
Fool I was yes,
but a fool no more.
I see with a man's eye now
rather than a dog's.
My leash has been stripped and I run the alleys now
searching for remnants of what and who I used to be.
But here's the thing;
who and what 1 used to be is gone,
he died the day she left.
Love lost,
freedom found,
sunrise breaking,
and letting me see for the first time
the glory of this new day.
I will run no more
and get to know the new me.


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