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Ancient Feet: Prelude

Five good friends decide they are not really as old as their years. Determined to prove that age is all in the mind, they set out to walk from one coast of England to the other.

Open Writing will be serialising the hilarious story of their adventures.

Don't miss the fun!

The Old Spice Boys - Dosh, Whinger, Shorty, Scarey and Windy - set out to walk the 190 miles from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay on the Yorkshire coast. Will a diet of pies and pasties be enough to keep them going? Will their ancient feet carry them to their destination? Will their friendship be strong enough to survive through the plodding miles?

Alan Nolan brings a gloriously readable account of their adventures as they follow the trail mapped out by the King of Walkers, Alfred Wainwright.

Alan was born and raised in Southport. He started work in Liverpool in 1963, just when The Cavern Club seemed to be the centre of the universe. Despite the distractions of pop and football, he managed to pick up a good grounding in finance and set up his own business as an independent financial adviser in 1985.

He is now retired and lives with his partner, Suzy, and their three border collies in a converted village school in a small hamlet in rural North Staffordshire.

Alan's book is a reading treat. Here is what one satisifed customer said of it:

"Very good read, and its good to know that you don't have to be young to have fun. This book follows the story of a group of young at heart men following Alfred Wainwrights coast to coast and the challenges they faced walking 190 miles over 12 days. It was written in a light hearted manner and was the first book I've read that made me laugh from the 1st page. A recommended read even if you have never walked the route.''

The Old Spice Boys begin their trek in next Tuesday's edition of Open Writing. Book that date for reading pleasure.


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