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U3A Writing: Silently

Monica Duckering relishes the sound of silence.

Silently the darkness faded
And dawn began.
The curtains glowed palely,
I closed my eyes again
And listened to the sound
Of nothingness.
It fizzed gently in my ears
And circled around my mind.
It soothed my jumbled thoughts.
Soon, I knew a car engine
Would be starting up
In the street below.
The more distant surge of moving traffic
Would impinge upon my consciousness.
Gradually, more and more
Life-noises would permeate
Body and soul.
I stretched and smiled wryly.
Out of that beautiful rainbow
Bubble of silence
Another clamorous day had burst into being.
I put on my old dressing gown,
Switched on the kettle
And rattled some cups.


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