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U3A Writing: Transition

Barbara Tregonning’s poem tells of the overcoming of grief.

Are we allowed to grieve together? No, separately,
Each one locked into a single grief, Inarticulate, fiercely guarding, Lest the others see.

Performing rituals;
Birthday lighting of the candelabra;
Composed, enamelled faces;
Draw the chairs closer,
Omit the space
Somehow, by rearrangement
That none might be
Tempted by recollection of before.
How long this slow charade,
Is it sanity?

Slow time pulses on. Colourless as glass. Then one day, unexpectedly, Wrapped in gift paper His teddy bear. Wistful little fellow, Knitted jacket, Tummy, bottom bare, Pensive shoe-button eyes, Aah, so much aware.

Put away the best silver,
The candelabra.
It's wax dripped anyway.
Teddy enthroned on that so-long empty pillow.
Smile now at all the happy things remembered
A new day.


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