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Fast Fiction: Brandy Talk

Has the dear leader flipped? Or is it the brandy?

Richard Mallinson tells a tipsy tale.

'And did you all just sit their, gawping?'

'Yes, open mouthed. We couldn't believe it. We were simply -'


:Yes, that's the word.'

'And what happened when he'd finished?'

'Oh, his minders ushered him out before I could propose a vote of thanks. Not that there was anything to thank him for.'

'You're certain he was speaking English? It wasn't Gaelic or anything of that nature, was it?'

'Well, it might as well have been Gaelic, for all the sense it made. No, it was English all right... I mean all wrong . . . like something out of - '

'Finnegans Wake?'


'Never mind. . . Now, what are you going to do? Oughtn't you to get in touch with party HQ and let them know?'

'Let them know what?'

That our unbeloved leader has finally flipped.'

'Oh, I'm not so sure about his having flipped ... It might just have been the brandy talking.'

'Ye-es, I've heard he's very fond of it... And so, by the way, was Macmillan - but he always knew when to stop, didn't he?1

'Did he? And what about Churchill?'

'What about him?'


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