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Poetry Pleases: A Psalm Of Adoration

This poem-psalm, written by Joyce Worsfield was set to music by Simeon Wood and is available on DVD.

Father creator
Lord of light
Dispenser of moonbeams
Spatterer of stars

You are
Solid rock
Hero of all stories
Weaver of dreams
All beauty.
All Grace
All love
Magnified a million times
And precious.

Maker of mountains
Mixer of miracles
Mighty King.
You hold my hand
You hold my heart
You bear me up
You carry me
So that I can see
Above and beyond.
You are infinity.
You burn in me
Like sun and stars
and flickering flame
You will not let me go.

My Saviour.
Constant friend and companion
How can it be
that you converse with me
Always there
All calm
All peace
All Holiness
You unfurl flowers in my soul
Buds unfold
You are my roots and petals
You make me whole
You feed my soul

Deep well of quietness
Sweet song of birds
The silent whirr of dragonfly wings
Colours of kingfisher and peacock's tail
All the music I ever heard
The heartbeat of the mighty whale
I love the sound of your voice
The ocean's roar.
Murmur of bees
The soft whinnying of foal and lamb
I love the way you hold me in the palm of your hand.
The way you enfold me
The way you understand.
0 lord you know my every thought
You dream my dreams
You are my vision you make me clean.
You refresh me, inspire me,
undergird and preserve me
You make me free
For life
Abundant, exuberant,
Beautiful God
I love You.

Joyce Worsfold


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