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U3A Writing: Affirmation

Barbara Tregonning accepts that Nature can write a better poem than any human.

I sought to write a poem,
But no poem came to me
Only joy of vivid japonica flowers'
Debutante butterflies dipping in spiralled grace,
First almond blossom falling; drifts of tattered lace,
And glowing orbs of sweet oranges leaping
From their green shielding tree.

I tried to make a poem.
How, tell me, could I write
With father magpie exultantly proclaiming,
And pied butcher bird calling, each slow, haunting note
Blending to one exquisite cadence from his throat,
Filling the soft air with new season's gladness,
The slow heart with delight.

I put aside my poem
Let nature speak instead.
Beyond the patio, tall purple lavenders
Nodded wisely, wooed to fragrance by the pale sun.
Bluebells rustled like excited girls. Had spring come?
Our wind chimes tinkled with affirming laughter.
In truth, all had been said.


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