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Open Features: Hosanna, Hosanna

Here is a new hymn written by Shirley Stow.

Hosanna, Hosanna, we worship the Lord
He is our salvation and truly adored.
His glory shines o’er us, his love ever sure.
In reverence we bow down and praise evermore.

You love us, protect us, your arms open wide.
Forever our shield and forever our guide.
Our stress you will shoulder, so we can be free.
All praise, laud and honour, we now bring to thee.

For You are the shepherd, and we are your sheep.
‘Neath your watchful eye we contentedly sleep.
From this day and always, we know you are near.
Forever and ever in your constant care.

It’s hope that you gave us as you bled and died.
At Calvary tortured, and then crucified
From stable to wood cross, our lives made complete.
We now sing your praises and kneel at your feet.


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