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Useful And Fantastic: People They Laughed At - 10

Val Yule lists invenions which are needed to cut waste.

What Jules Verne imagined, others have since invented. So on the principle, that invention follows imagination, here is a list of inventions needed to cut waste and dangerous emissions. Fantastic far-off still imaginary inventions are included, mixed in with what someone could invent tomorrow, or today, or may be working on as we read.

* Appliances that are durable, mendable, multi-use, with updatable modules, and could be Australian contributions to the world's need to conserve resources. They could help countries to be more self-sustainable.

* Architecture - AntiSocial Awards for the most wasteful new buildings, to alert architects and clients to their public shame, not their expected glory. Far-fetched?

* Boredom. Better education from infancy to avoid being bored, by more encouragement of curiosity, observation and lively thinking.

* Brain-connections. An extra-cerebral attachment so that expensive government TV campaigns for healthy and waste-free living do not need to be constantly repeated.

* Building Designs to better protect against bushfires, cyclones and floods.
Building Designs that are more flexible, updatable, and renovatable, so that no longer is pulling down and building new, with all its waste, cheaper than renovating.

* Business failures. Prevent this waste. The report that 88% of businesses fail within two years may be exaggerated, but the figure is certainly high. Setting up each business may be profitable to banks that provide loans, but often involve much emission-promoting construction, such as constant change of shop-fittings. The business fails; the next shop refits, and the waste goes to the skip. Invention is needed about how to prevent so much waste, while still encouraging more successful business enterprise.

* Clothes. Conservation Clothes designed so that only parts needing washing need be washed. Clothes that do not get dirty. Cleaning by rays.

* Co-operative progress needs to be unhampered by commercial confidentiality and the rigors of Intellectual Property, yet to fairly rewardi the innovators and the bearers of the heat and burden of getting something good going in the first place.

* Communication. Alphanumeric design improvements that reduce confusions of letters and numbers such as pdbq, that cause so much waste of effort in business and tears in schools
Communication. Truth-Print that prints or converts print to show the truth in black, fiction in blue, and purple for what cannot be determined as either true or false . What a boon for readers, if not for the press.

* Computer Conflict Simulators as games to resort to before wars, strikes or marital uproar.

* Computer Games. More games where knowledge and thinking, not violence, win the games – for example Youth to Age Computer Games - You grow older and hopefully wiser as you play.
Culture. More fun, beauty and diversity, that does not require waste, for everyone to join in.

* Database. An online database for a catalogue of Inventions that are needed.

* Drugs. Non-medical alternatives to drugs, to make life more enjoyable, bearable and retaining mental capacity to solve problems.

* Eccentrics - making the most of ratbags, so they can be community assets, rather than wasted.

* Electricity conservation. Reduce standby lights to the minimum, instead of making them toys for the boys. For example, where possible, replace them by buttons that show standby readiness if pressed, or unlit dials that point to zero if power is off. Or replace where actually needed by sensors that only turn on an indicator light if you touch or wave your hand, except for cases where it is dangerous not to know if something is without power.

* Fashions for the elderly and infirm - comfortable, good-looking and durable, to reduce their need for space heating.

* Filters above chimneys that can prevent emissions turning into pollution and greenhouse gases, and instead enable what goes up in smoke to be turned to good use.

* Fire-protected forests. A better way than burnoffs to maintain old growth forests. Fire depletes the soil despite temporary regeneration, because nutrients pour upwards in the smoke as pollutants, or are washed away in the next rain. Develop varieties of drought-resistant trees and undergrowth that provide timber or food but do not burn or become pests, for less destructive fire-breaks than back-burning.

* Foodchain. It would be a marvellous invention that could bypass the food-chain, and produce delicious food directly from gibber- rocks in the desert. Cutting out Nature’s long food-chain of rocks broken down by tiny organisms so that lichens grow which then enables other plant life whch then decompose into humus and their compost that nurtures further plant-life that animals can eat and then we eat the animals . .

* Food waste – A more realistic possibility is improving ways of feeding food-waste to pigs without risking transmission of diseases.

* Freight. Ways to make rail freight free from theft and unreliability, and with fast linkers at railway stations for local distribution, so that heavily-polluting and fuel-wasting road transport is no longer preferable for business.

* Gambling. Constructive redirections for the gambling instinct.

* Garden mulcher. Rather than powering a mulcher (= emissions) invent a highly geared cutting machine that can provide exercise for the gardener, require no electricity or petrol, & save collection and landfill costs for the garden rubbish that t is turned into mulch.

* Garden. A simple weed-seed sterilizer is needed to safely & cheaply make weeds suitable for compost. Solar-powered with mirrors?

* Harnessing the innate hunter instinct to hunt urban pests like foxes, rats. and cockroaches.

* Harnessing the innate gatherer instinct to enjoy public weeding expeditions that can help cut down on herbicides – e.g. on verges of roads and railways, where weeds spread from.

* Heat bank developments improved for buildings to cool or warm them by saving the heat or warmth that comes in for future use.

* Heating. Personal-Space heating , e.g. for 5 cm around each person, that can replace room space heating.

* History - Lessons of History, with counterviews included. People study how wars start; study more about how they stop, as a warning to us all. Study the civilizations that are dead – why? The civilizations that have survived – how?

* Home kits to turn carbon emissions into carbon for fuel and oxygen for breathing.

* Ideas. Register of Australian Ideas that got nowhere in Australia but succeeded elsewhere.
Inventions. Making it easier for amateur inventors’ ideas to get publicity and be taken up.

* Jobs that are needed. A data base. And ways to pay for them.

* Kettle that burns twigs and leaves. Developing a less expensive model of the Kelly kettle, so that anyone can use up local twigs that are otherwise just wasted.

* Kitchen design for the 21st Century including recycling/salvage space e.g., a cupboard with roll-out pallets, or containers directly under benches with inset lids.

* Lighting. An Ozideas suggestion now a reality is Night-lighting that turns itself on when activated by sensors of human activity or movement, so that power is used only as needed. Empty premises like shops need no lighting at night except bright lights turned on by sensors responding to any inside movement like rats, or contact with doors, windows or ceilings.

* Novel. A "Novel Prize" for novels about the future with plots about how it could be different from dystopias, written with artists' visions of what could be, and how it could be brought about, with all the variety of human nature. Really novel!

* Packaging . Edible packaging - possibly sprayed on some products and washable before eating.

* Paper Recycling that can easily be done on the spot in homes and offices.

* Paper, Erasable - that can be wiped down to reprint or rewrite again. Possibly place under an Un-Scanner and the print disappears.

* Peace Toys to replace guns, killing and militarism.

* People They Laughed At Book to teach that it may be premature to laugh at people who want to try something new and create new ideas – even ratbags can have one good idea out of a hundred, as Edison did.

* Personal space-heating to avoid current wasteful all-space heating. Everyone can control the temperature of their immediate personal space for 5 cm around them.

* Pests. Commercial uses for pests, such as Paterson's Curse, fire-ants and cane-toads.

* Pests. Better ways of controlling pests that consume a great deal of foodstuffs and materials.
Virtual fences with rays can now be used to keep cattle in place. Could rays at night protect crops and backyard vegies from predators like rats?

* Plastic cartons, tubs, bags and newspaper wrappings. Find re-uses for everything that currently is regarded as only waste.

* Pokies-machines that do something useful when operated by people addicted to their noise and jingle.

* Political Psychology Manual for all citizens and school leavers. (What has that to do with climate change? More than hot air.)

* Polly-Save-A-Bird. Collectible artificial birds as a hobby, instead of collecting live rare birds, with all their horrible trade and extinction of wild-life. Artificial birds can be really beautiful.

* Printing machines for everyday use that can do double-sided with ease.

* Publishing. There are continually improving ways to save paper with online books and articles that can be downloaded and printed just as you want them. Reward methods for publishers and authors still need improvement.

* Publishing. Ways to retain 'the best' of the old books, despite the flood of new ones.

* Remote Control Gun Exploder explodes or disables any other loaded weapon.

* Schools. Small primary schools so that all urban children can walk to school, saving car costs and traffic congestion. Linked with community centres, for everyone's convenience and reduced traffic. Feasible now that so many resources are downloadable online, and long-term cost-effective as children benefit from child-scale learning environments.

* Secondary schools all on bus-routes, and universities and colleges near railway lines. Tremendous traffic savings.

* Sewage. Ways to fully use sewage as a major resource, not a pollution problem.

* Shower floors. When not draining into grey-water for re-use, shower floors can have square basins to stand in as well as square buckets at the side, to capture all water. People can learn to carry buckets half-full, not full, to save their backs.

* Shower-Clock. A steam-proof timer on the shower-wall to show how time goes.

* Silly Catalog. Listing what is silly in our society can make new ideas more easily judged as sensible or not in comparison.

* Smoke-saving. A way to catch and utilize all the valuable ingredients of smoke that currently contributes to pollution and greenhouse gases.

* Social Education - What adults should know and no-one leaves school till they do.

* Space-clothing that produces a personal climate to avoid the need for space-heating or air-conditioning.

* Sterilizing equipment. Simple and inexpensive ways to sterilize equipment that at present is made disposable to avoid infections. This would cut the disposal problem of a great deal of dangerous waste.

* Transport .Car modules that can shunt on to expand cars, like carriages on to railway engines.

* Transport, regional. Pricing policies that made it always cheaper to travel long-distance by train than by car, even in a group, plus easy car rental at destinations.

* Transport. Cars that are easily mendable and 15-year durability.

* Transport, public. What inventions are needed here, to reduce reliance on private cars, those great emitters! Inventions range from simple things like putting diagrams of bus-routes on the sides of buses, and ways of making waiting areas and shelters comfortable not just cleanable, to improve the linking of main routes with flexible transporters, and how to build complete urban infrastructures so that nobody is more than 2 k from the nearest public transport.

* TV Cartoons that promote admiration of inventors, innovators and reformers.

* TV Ideas: Contrasts within shows, to learn about good and evil and the grey between.

* Uses for everything that currently goes to landfill.

* Uses for nuclear waste to avoid the disposal problem.

* Violence – Alternatives. Violence in the home is often extremely destructive of furniture and furnishing, as well as people, and causes great destruction in communities and in wars.
Violent Blokes – Solutions. Now that would be a good invention.

* Washable, not disposable 'Patches' that can be pasted on underclothes and peeled off, to minimize washing the whole garment.

* Water-collecting inventions that anyone can use - to harvest the day's needs from dew, humidity, puddles, roofs and even breathing, in emergencies.

* Water. Better ways to obtain fresh water from local sea water without requiring electricity or fossil fuel.

* Window heat-savers, transparent, that can be pulled down or attached in winter-time, and Window-heat-shields that can be pulled down or attached in summertime.




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