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Got The T-Shirt: Radio Times

For some a chair becomes the centre of the universe as the years go drifting by.

Readers can be assured that Steph Spiers’ thoughtful poem is not autobiographical. She is a very busy lady who contributes a huge amount to society.

Counting the weeks passing doing the crossword puzzle
in the new copy of the Radio Times,
which changes on a Saturday,
carefully noting what colour combination
of wheelie bins goes out on a Tuesday
seems an awful waste of imagination.
Old-folks have an appointed chair in the care-home,
becoming the safe haven. The centre of their universe.
Abandoned. I realised today, I already have mine.
Chocolate, swivel leather with foot stool plonked in front
of the TV. Sheltering from the world outside’s peaks
and troughs, kept informed and educated by Sky
while days turn into weeks
and solitary years drift by.

©Dec 2009 SMS


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