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Laugh With Lisa: Holy Day Humor

Here’s some Holy Day humor from Lisa DeMarco. Guaranteed to tickle your chuckle muscles.

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At his first service, the new preacher's sermon was extremely long and dull. As he preached, he drank from a pitcher of water until it was completely empty. After the service, someone asked an old woman of the church, "How did you like the new pastor?"

"Fine," she said. "But, he's the first windmill I ever saw that runs on water."

*The minister's car wouldn't start and he called the garage to come and tow it in for repairs. When the tow truck driver appeared at his house to get the car, the minister said, "I hope you'll go easy on me. You know, I'm only a poor preacher."
"I know," said the driver, "I've heard you preach."


A handyman working for a Jewish temple in Allentown, PA, had asked for a raise and was turned down. He decided to quit and went out looking for work.First he went to a Catholic church, where he was told in order to work there he would have to answer one question. The priest asked, "Where was Jesus born?"

The man answered "Pittsburgh," and he was thrown out.
He then went to a Baptist church. The minister told him that in order to get a job there he would have to answer one question. He was asked, "Where was Jesus born?"

The man answered, "Philadelphia." and he was tossed out.
Walking away, he met up with the rabbi, who had been looking for him. The rabbi exclaimed, "The board approved your raise. Please come back immediately."

The man said to the rabbi, "I will come back only if you answer a question. Where was Jesus born?"

The rabbi says, "Bethlehem."

"Ha," said the man. "I knew it was somewhere in Pennsylvania."


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